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Your Spring Forecast: Brilliant Work!

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Two things that don't happen by accident... Beaver dams, and academic success. With Spring Term classes starting tomorrow, a little bit of planning and calendaring will help you keep on track in the coming weeks...
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1 Note all the deadlines for your classes, including mid-terms, major assignment due dates and finals.
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2 Set aside blocks of time when you can study or work on assignments each week.
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3 Do you have a job? Build your work hours into your study schedule.
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4 If you're in clubs or intramural sports, do the meetings, activities, and games occur at set/consistent times?
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5 You're two thirds of the way through the academic year, so you should have a good feel for where you've had some difficulties, as well as opportunities to take your academic performance to the next level. In either case - or both - consider working with an academic coach. Scheduling a coaching appointment is easy.
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6 Beyond simple scheduling, be sure to consider how you will make the most out of the times you have set aside.

For more tips and information, visit the first-year student website. Have a great week! tiny smiley face
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