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The End of Spring!

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Summer is nearly here!
As you wrap up Spring Term and the academic year, congratulate yourself on your successes and don't be too harsh on yourself for things that didn't go so well. This whole first-year process is about growth and adjustment. Make sure you contact your college/major if you have any questions about how advising shifts as you enter your second year. Be sure to also review the Next Steps Advising Syllabus for things to consider over the summer and as you move into the next school year.
Remember the Learning Goals for Graduates (LGGs) and the Blueprint for Undergraduate Student Success that you heard about when you arrived at Oregon State? They are listed on the back page of the First-Year Advising Syllabus you received at START. These frameworks are intended to guide your college experience so you'll graduate with a well-rounded set of skills to succeed in your chosen career and your life beyond. With the academic year nearly over, take a look back and consider your progress to date. What do you need to prioritize for the coming year?
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Remember to take care of yourself during Dead Week and finals. Take a break when you need to. Go work out at Dixon. De-stress at the Mind Spa. And get enough sleep.
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And once you're through with finals, by all means, enjoy the summer. See you in the fall! tiny smiley face

Go Beavs!
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