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Before the term gets hectic, add or drop classes.

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Halfway through your first week of Spring Term is a good time to assess the classes you’re taking, including classes you may want to add or drop (keep in mind that you need at least 12 credits to maintain full-time status).

Talk with your advisor!

Week 1 is the time to add or drop. Here’s how:

1 From the My OSU portal, login with your ONID username and password.

2 Once you’re logged in, click on the Student tab from the list across the top of the page. Look for the Registration tools area and select Add / Drop Classes from the menu. From Select Term, choose Spring 2017 to see your current class schedule.

3 To look up a Course Reference Number (CRN), click the Class Search button. Choose the subject area, then Course Search. You’ll see a list of courses offered in that subject for this term. Choose View Sections to see which classes are available.

4 If the class is open, check the box under Select, then click Register.

5 The system will tell you if you have a time conflict with an existing class. If you still want to take the class, you can click Add to Worksheet. This will take you back to your Current Schedule with the CRN added to the Add Classes Worksheet.

6 Find the class on your current schedule with the time conflict, choose Drop/Delete from the menu under Action, then click Submit Changes. This class will be dropped and the new class will be added.

7 If you just want to drop a class, go to the menu under Action, choose Drop/Delete, then Submit Changes.

Sneak Peek:
Next week's email will cover Second Week Adds, as well as the exciting opportunity to attend Oregon State during Summer Session!
If you wait until Week 2 you'll need department approval add a course. If you want to drop a class, you'll need to do it by Sunday, April 9, at 11:55 pm (this will also allow a 100% refund on any related portion of your tuition and fees).

Spring Term may just be your best term yet! Enjoy your first week! tiny smiley face
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