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How many classes to juggle in Spring Term?

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Are you still considering whether to add a class? This is the last week you can do it.

But first, talk with your advisor. Tell them why you're thinking about making this addition and if you have attended the class at all. If you and your advisor decide you should add a class, you'll need to get department approval following the second week add process.

Between yesterday (April 9) and through May 18, you can still withdraw from a course online. A withdrawn course will appear on your transcript with a grade of W and can still impact the amount you are billed. However, the W does not affect your GPA.
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Summer is rapidly approaching, and Summer Session at Oregon State offers some great opportunities. You can brush up on skills, move forward on sequential classes, and even catch up a bit if you've had some difficulties this first year. Summer session registration opens April 15, and there's no Priority Registration; everybody registers at the same time. You don't have to meet with an advisor before registering for Summer Session, but it's still a good idea to talk to yours about any classes you'd like to take.

Sneak Peek:
An upcoming edition covers the most popular and joyful part of Spring Term... Midterm Exams! (And how you can escape unharmed.)
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