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President's Report 2007

Discovery in Computers Image


Discovery in Computers

Impact on Children Around the World

The controversy didnít stop these two OSU students. They wanted to make a difference for children around the world.

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Natural Resources

Discovery in Agriculture

Impact on Organic Production

Potatoes with zing? Researchers Isabel Vales, Solomon Yilma (left) and their team present consumers and farmers with new options.

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Arts and Sciences

Discovery in Oregon History

Impact on Cultural Legacies

Stories are buried in the valleys of Oregonís Coast Range. Archaeologist David Brauner is intent on telling them.

Discovery in Diet Image

Life Sciences

Discovery in Diet

Impact on Cancer Risk

Our health clocks may have been set well before we were born by what our mothers ate.

Discovery in the Oceans Image

Earth Systems

Discovery in the Oceans

Impact on Marine Mammal Management

Itís time we took a deeper look at whales, seals and other marine mammals. Thatís the mission of OSUís growing Marine Mammal Institute.