Pursue science that matters.


At Oregon State, we pursue the big ideas that keep us up late and get us bounding out of bed in the morning. We help students find their passion and then pursue it with all they’ve got.

Gain the critical thinking, problem-solving and computational skills that are in-demand skills in the workplace—from genetics, medicine and chemistry to astrophysics, biotechnology, climate change or even environmental law.

What will you do to change the world?

A science degree for jobs now and into the future


According to national data, our science degrees, options and research expertise rank among the fastest-growing, most satisfying jobs in the nation. Science majors enjoy a rigorous, broad and innovative learning environment that can take their education and careers anywhere from biochemistry to machine learning, organic chemistry to dentistry and the lab to the CIA. Technology is increasingly changing our world and will create new jobs that don’t even exist today. A balance of breadth and specialization equips students for a range of careers for years to come.

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Science that goes beyond the classroom.

image Members of the Kim Halsey lab

Learn science by investigating firsthand how the world around you works. At the College of Science, you will enhance your classroom learning by applying your knowledge to hands-on problem solving and research outside the classroom. Pursue opportunities to engage in scientific inquiry by studying wildlife in Costa Rica, interning for a U.S. government agency or learning collaboratively in one of 200 research labs on our campus.

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Diversity makes for good science.

image OSU STEM leader Marissa Gallegos

We value and promote diversity among our students and faculty by nurturing an inclusive environment where people, ideas and cultures of all types meaningfully interact with one another. The College of Science firmly believes diversity is essential for scientific progress, innovation and achievement. We welcomes people of all ethnicities, races, genders, abilities, religions, sexual identities and economic backgrounds to achieve their potential as scientists and leaders at OSU. Our students and faculty come from across town, across the state, nation and world, united by their love for science and the mission of discovery.

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Join Team Science. The planet needs you.


Oregon State science students care deeply about using their knowledge to improve the quality of life for humankind and our planet. You can make a real difference through research, advocacy and service. Engage with scientists who share your passion and drive.

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Meet Corvallis

Visit a campus so inviting you'll want to stay.

The trees. The historic buildings. The high-tech labs. Cozy coffeehouses, tree-lined sidewalks and miles of trails. People from all over the world. Yet a small-town vibe. It all makes OSU's campus one of the most inspiring places you'll ever live.

Love to explore? Corvallis is the perfect home base for exploring Oregon

Marys Peak
45 minutes to the highest peak in the Oregon Coast Range
Oregon Coast
60 minutes to the beauty of the Pacific Ocean
90 minutes to one of the top destination cities in the country

Don't just take our word for it.

FRIENDLY — #2 Friendliest college town in America — American Institute for Economic Research 

FUN — #4 College Towns You'll Never Want to Leave — College Magazine 

SAFE — #9 Safest Small Towns in America — Farmers Insurance Group 

SMART — # 4 Most innovative tech hub in America — NerdWallet

GREEN — #8 Top U.S. Cities for Green Transportation — Data Hub  


See for yourself

We know you’ll love our beautiful campus. Check out our photos and take a “walk” across the OSU campus through our virtual tour.

But pictures alone don’t do us justice. Want to see what it’s really like in the College of Science? Visit us in person. Meet with our faculty, science researchers and students. Tour one of our labs to see the incredible things you could be doing. Then you’ll know — you belong here.

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