Science that goes beyond the classroom.

Becoming a global leader in science requires global experiences and global thinking.

Thirty percent of our students travel abroad for research and study.

Zoology major Karianna Crowder worked in a primate sanctuary in Thailand and helped organize a free pet clinic in Nicaragua, enriching experiences which helped her land at Cornell University where she is pursuing a doctorate in veterinary medicine.

Experiential learning takes students to cutting-edge laboratories on campus and beyond where they learn how to design experiments, analyze data, learn instrumentation, test hypothesis and develop solutions that can change the world.

Currently a software engineer at Google, math major Johnathan Van Why gained valuable research experience in a robotics lab on campus.

Field work gives our students a jump start in their careers and helps them connect more deeply with what they are learning.

Chemistry major Shan Lansing found her path to the Ohio State University School of Medicine by volunteering at Free Clinics in Corvallis that provides basic acute and primary care to low-income populations.

Learn science by discovering the world in unique, exciting and profound ways. At the College of Science you can complement and deepen classroom learning by applying your knowledge to hands-on and life changing projects. Every student has an opportunity to engage in scientific inquiry through field work, experiential learning, internships and study abroad programs.