Get the help you need to shine.

Pursue science like a professional.

Our Science Professional Pursuits Program (SP3) is a unique three-term, two-credit professional program like no other. Science students learn to identify, assess and compete successfully for internship or research positions by adding real-world lens to their classroom learning, building confidence and acquiring invaluable skills, like teamwork, interpersonal communication, and problem-solving.

Internships provide the best training.

We encourage every science student to experience an internship. They help harness their learning and provide work experience that can catalyze ideas and make students career-ready upon graduation. Internships are the bridge connecting the academic world to the professional world. Students gain valuable exposure to the workplace and hone their skills while gaining a competitive edge in their job search.

Start preparing your career from day one.

With career development programs spanning all four years, these resources are designed specifically for science students. Through career advising and coaching, students explore a breadth of career options in their major and develop a career plan. We host professional training bootcamps on weekdays or Saturdays, networking events with premier industries and research labs and advising sessions to successfully represent yourself on paper, in email and in person to future employers.

We combine traditional with innovative, out-of-the-box approaches so our graduates are career ready. At the College of Science, we know that going beyond the classroom, getting hands-on experience and building leadership skills is what it takes to learn, take action, and persevere.

Our students not only get jobs, they get jobs they love.