A science degree for jobs now and into the future

Katie Chen screens for anti-tubercular compounds.

From passion to knowledge and purpose

You can conduct original research on a myriad of topics: the birth of planets, chemical drugs from microbial sources and optical properties for Apple devices. Our programs and professors excel at fusing fundamental knowledge with practical know-how. And we are national leaders in engaging our students in a dynamic, hands-on learning environment. Our Department of Physics, which has set the national standard with its innovative Paradigms in Physics curriculum, was chosen as one of three top universities for improving undergraduate physics education in 2018.

Career resources to help you succeed

Our Science Professional Pursuits Program (SP3) is a three-term, two-credit professional program like no other. Students learn to identify and compete successfully for research and internship opportunities within Oregon and beyond in a variety of labs and workplaces. Students build confidence and acquire invaluable skills, like teamwork, interpersonal communication, and self-presentation.

Job preparation from day one

With career development programs spanning all four years, these resources are designed specifically for science students. We recently developed Science Pro, a workshop to help students network with science professionals in their field, present their research and learn about different career paths. We host networking events with premier industries, community partners and research labs, as well as offer advising sessions to help students successfully navigate internships and jobs. In the College of Science, we believe It's never too early to start thinking about your future. We can get you there.

According to national data, our science degrees, options and research expertise rank among the fastest-growing, most satisfying jobs in the nation. Science majors enjoy a rigorous, broad and innovative learning environment that can take their education and careers anywhere from biochemistry to machine learning, organic chemistry to dentistry and the lab to the CIA. Technology is increasingly changing our world and will create new jobs that don’t even exist today. A balance of breadth and specialization equips students for a range of careers for years to come.