What kind of impact will you make?

Solutions for human health

Microbiology student Christina Moody was part of a research team that constructed a powerful molecule that can inhibit deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Scientists for a healthy planet

Marine biology student Sonora Meiling is doing research on the coral microbiome to help preserve delicate and invaluable coral reef ecosystems.

Science for the 21st Century

Students like Mirek Brandt are shaping the present and future of modern science. A Goldwater scholar and a student of physics and mathematics, Brandt is assisting his professor in researching electron dynamics for the development of new nanoscale devices for Apple.

Make a difference in your community

A peer mentor in the STEM Leaders program on campus, biohealth sciences student Ido Almog has found unlimited opportunities at OSU to achieve his dreams and give back.

A well-rounded education in science gives you an opportunity to accomplish more than you had imagined. Here you will acquire the scientific training and leadership skills to make a difference that matters to all.