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Our community of determined young scientists and leaders are driven to improve the quality of life for everyone and everything on the planet. Last year they made key advances in curing disease from the discovery of a bacterium that kills melanoma cells to successfully combating drug resistance in certain infections.

Our microbiologists advanced the fight against drug resistance, crafting a compound that genetically neutralizes a pathogen's ability to thwart antibiotics.

Professor Sandra Loesgen and student Cassandra Lew

Chemistry professor Sandra Loesgen and her students identified a type of soil-dwelling bacterium that produces molecules that induce death in melanoma cells.

Astrophysicist Davide Lazzati proved that short gamma-ray bursts do follow binary neutron star mergers, confirming that the union of two neutron stars caused a short gamma-ray burst in 2017.

Mathematics professor Juan Restrepo uses statistical models to show how the concept of uncertainty in climate science is often misrepresented in public and political discussions.

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